New: PP line

Problems related to pee and other unwelcome liquids at home and away from home?
We SOLVE them in just a few seconds, thanks to our PP line!
A series of Pet friendly and Made in Italy product also UNIQUE, INNOVATIVE and PATENTED products:

  • PP Hurrà, the super absorbent powder: it solidifies pee and unpleasant liquids in a few seconds …and discourages pets from urinating in that place!
  • StoPP, the 3 in 1 spray:
    1. dog and cat detterent
    2. removes dogs and cats urine odours
    3. removes both old and fresh urine stains
    StoPP works on any surface (hard floors, carpets, fabrics, footwear etc.)
  • WaterPProof, the protective glaze for the protection of all surfaces from dog and cat urine (stone, cement, walls in general, wood etc.).
    WaterPProof works by repelling pee, water and dirt particles. The self-cleaning effect of the product is obtained with the use of nanotechnologies and the treatment normally takes 2 years.

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