PP Hurrà

Product code: 28061
Super absorbent powder: it solidifies pee and unpleasant liquids in a few seconds
Technical features

PP Hurrà is the super absorbent powder which solidifies pee and unpleasant liquids in a few seconds…and discourages pets from urinating in that place!

How to use

1. sprinkle the powder on your pet’s dejections
2. wait a few seconds
3. remove with a broom or vacuum cleaner

It does not leave stains.


100 g.

The PP line

PP Hurrà is part of Mugue’s PP line, a series of Pet friendly and Made in Italy product also UNIQUE, INNOVATIVE and PATENTED that help pets owners to solve, in a few seconds, some problems related to pee and other unwelcome liquids at home and away from home.

Made of

Crosslinked sodium polyacrylate.


It is a Mugue product. Made in Italy.

Units per pack
  • display 12 pcs, gross weight kg 1,5