Allergies are increasing everywhere!

Welcome back spring!
The days are getting longer, birds chirp happily, flowers colour the fields…and allergies return to visit us!

Allergies are increasing everywhere!
The world’s population has become more sensitive to certain foods (protein), pollen and dust or, better, mites.

To better understand what allergy is, it is necessary to know the dynamics that govern our organism and our immune system, which is the defence army of our body.
When our immune system feels the presence of substances (allergens) which it consider dangerous for our health, it decides to implement a set of safety measures which ends with the release of histamine.
The release of this substance affect on our body with lachrymation, sneezing, rhinorrhea, dermatitis and forms of diarrhea, reaching bronchospasm and even attacks in asthmatics.

Why allergies are increasing? Somebody says that the main reason is pollution, other says that the reason is the environmental change, again some other opinions accuse us too be too much “cleaned”: too much hygiene makes us more sensitive to dust.
Anyway, well conscious of our vulnerability, people speculate on this argument.
Suggestions of any kind comes to us and every source proposes remedy which paradoxically can worsen the situation, as it happens in the mite allergy.

The paradox is that, actually, we do not suffer from mite-allergy, but in reality we are allergic to mite excrements.

Imagine of how many anti-mite spray are sell everyday, to be used on pillows, sheets and sofas, and how many people think that killing mites may avoid an attack of asthma on a child or a lot of sneezing to our grandmothers!
In reality we are worsen the situation: in fact dust and excrements remain, together with a graveyard of mites and with all the poison used to kill them!

We dare you to find any benefit using these methods!

A remedy 100% natural? Our Pelù AcaroStop!
With pure vegetal essential oils this innovative lint roller help us to fight allergies in a natural way: in just one roll remove over 99,9% of mites! Furthermore, it releases essential oils which are dispreferred to mites,creating a hostile environment for future mite settlements!

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