Dog or cat lovers? Here’s what to gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion for your four-legged best friend? Whether it’s a beloved dog’s birthday, a beloved cat’s Christmas, or simply a time to show extra affection to these faithful companions, choosing the right gift for a pet can be a loving and caring gesture.

Today, in the world of pet gifts, there are endless possibilities: from gourmet snacks that delight their palates to interactive toys that stimulate their minds and keep their physicality active. But that’s not all: the must-haves are without a doubt products related to the care and grooming of your four-legged companion that, besides being beautiful, are also useful.

In this guide, we will explore the best ideas for treating these furry family members with gifts that express affection, care, and consideration, thus turning any occasion into a special moment for both them and their lovers.

Grooming products for dogs and cats: useful and original gifts

If you want to make a gift for someone who likes to have their dog always clean, with a smooth and tidy fur, you can opt for a grooming product. This is definitely a useful and appreciated gift: for example, Help Spray is a sanitizing spray for skin and fur, capable of deeply sanitizing the fur while leaving a fresh, clean scent.

Alternatively, for those who love to travel with their pet, and want to be perfect at all times, you can opt for Pelù MINI PET, the pocket-sized adhesive brush that you can always carry with you. Essential for removing our 4-legged friend’s hair from clothes, kennel, sofa, seats, etc. even while traveling, thanks precisely to its small size.

Paw Clean, shaped like a heart as if to represent love for one’s pet, on the other hand, is a sponge with water-based spray solution for cleaning paws. With hydrogen peroxide, glycerol, chamomile and calendula, it moisturizes the skin, pampers the skin in case of sunburn and itching, and has a delicate vanilla scent. The sponge, then, is specially designed for pets. A super useful gift to make grooming a tender moment with your dog or cat!

Does your brother, sister, friend, or whoever the gift recipient is love to take their dog to the beach or mountains, or otherwise walk with them in the fresh air? A highly useful gift is Solar, the first and only SPF 50 sunscreen for dogs and cats, which moisturizes and protects their fur from UV radiation. Yes, because even our four-legged friends need to be protected from the sun’s rays!

Or you can choose ARNIpet, a gel with extract of Arnica montana and Aloe barbadensis with soothing and relaxing action, ideal after muscular exertion and as an adjuvant in cases of tendon and muscle soreness.

Instead of a single product, would you prefer a large gift pack? The Cat Kit and Dog Kit are just the right thing for you: inside a handy backpack, you’ll find everything you need for their care.

Surprise effect (not only for the pet!)

For those who already have everything, two extra original ideas are Dog Jelly Happiness and Play&Gnam.

Formulated with Magnesium and extracts of Valerian, Ginkgo biloba and Passionflower, Dog Jelly Happiness promotes normal mood in the animal and its physiological relaxation. With vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts, it is free of added sugar and comes in a convenient single-serving format.

Play&Gnam, on the other hand, is an egg with a surprise! Designed not to break on impact, but only when bitten by the dog or softened by his saliva, it is a wafer egg that hides a butter cookie.


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