Dog hygiene: the fundamental rules to follow

A clean dog is usually a healthy dog, but a good hygiene requires a little forethought. Sure: stray dogs clean themselves but, since pets are in contact with humans, they need extra care and a higher standard of hygiene. How to do? Here are our recommendations.

Dog hygiene: how to take care of your four-legged friend

Although there is no universal rule that applies to every single dog, it is generally advisable to bathe your puppy at least once every 12 weeks. However, if he is prone to skin infections or fungus, or if he likes to roll in the mud and get dirty on walks, you can also wash him weekly, as long as you choose a mild shampoo. In this way, you will help keep his coat and fur clean and free of dead cells and debris. For good dog hygiene, you can therefore regulate yourself as follows: bath every 4-6 weeks for medium and long-haired dogs, bath every 1-3 months for short-haired dogs.

Also, remember that gently brushing your dog’s fur every day helps remove dirt and distribute the oils naturally present on his skin. To do this, use a brush like Pelu Pet Dog which, with a single gesture, removes the hair already detached, cleans and shines the dog’s fur, and distributes a mixture of plant extracts pleasant to the smell for the maintenance of a healthy coat.

Tip: Clean your puppy’s ears regularly, too. Depending on the breed, you may need a specific cleaning solution for daily use, or to clean weekly. In any case, this will help you avoid infections, and will prevent any fungi from spreading to other parts of the body.

Once the cleaning operations are complete, spray the dog’s fur with a colloidal silver cosmetic spray such as Help Spray, capable of deeply sanitizing the dog’s fur and skin, leaving a fresh, clean scent.

Brush his teeth (like you do with yours)

Can you imagine not brushing your teeth every day? Keep in mind that dogs accumulate plaque just like us, and can also have very smelly breath: brushing their teeth is essential! Bacteria naturally settle on them, causing the accumulation of plaque and tartar: if they are not cleaned, inflammation and oral pain can develop, but more painful conditions such as gingivitis and periodontal disease could also occur. Good dog hygiene must therefore also include brushing the teeth, at least three times a week, with a specific toothpaste. Mouthwash, also for dogs, should instead be used every day.

Don’t neglect kennel and toys

Dog kennels are a magnet for dirt and hair, but they can also see flea eggs and larvae proliferate. That’s why, if they are made of fabric, you should wash them in the washing machine at a minimum temperature of 60°C with a mild, fragrance-free detergent, once a week and/or when they are noticeably dirty.

Very useful for washing dog kennels, accessories and clothing, it is the Pet Bag, a bag made with special material, which allows the passage of water and detergent, while retaining the dog’s hair inside and thus avoiding clogging the washing machine filter. Then vacuum the house regularly to keep the floors clean and free of parasites and hair.

Toys must also be sanitized, since the dog usually keeps them in his mouth (the bacteria that accumulate on them can enter the animal’s body orally). Wash soft toys at 60°, with a delicate, fragrance-free detergent, every two to four weeks, and clean hard toys with a little bleach diluted in water or by immersing them for half an hour in a solution of water and vinegar. Warning: If you use bleach, be sure to rinse them very well to prevent your puppy from ingesting it.

Wash the bowl after every meal

How often do you wash the dishes? After every meal, right? It is an important habit for our health. But, for some reason, most pet owners don’t do the same with their bowls. If you do not wash the food and water bowl after each meal, you facilitate the formation of bacteria which, in turn, will enter the dog’s mouth and therefore his body, making him more vulnerable to infections and diseases. If you don’t have time to wash them every day, make sure you have extra bowls so you can change them while waiting for the wash.

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