We want to reveal the secrets of essential oils…

We want to reveal the secrets of essential oils: organic products with multiple healing properties.

Essential oils are very valuable substances, known since antiquity and extracted from herbs and herbal plants.
One of their function in plants?
They protect against bacterial infections of mushrooms and molds, also helping the healing of injured plant tissues.

They are organic products extract from plants and flowers, and, once extracted, they appear as oily, liquid, volatile and scented as the plant they come from.
It is necessary to specify that any essential oil should be diluted in a “carrier oil” or “vector oil” before use.
Dilution is essential because, being rich in the most active ingredients, they may have a sensitizing effect on the skin.

The uses of essential oils? Here are just a few: preparation of creams, perfumes, personal hygiene, skin care, hair care, up to medical preparations.
Recently, the use of these oils has come in the culinary field: there are several chefs who add flavor to their dishes with a few drops of essential oils!

Mugue loves essential oils and their properties, and Dr. Villanova’s medical background has allowed her to develop unique formulations that enrich our Pelù lint rollers.

Our essential oils are the same used in the food industry, so they are absolutely safe for us and for our four-legged friends: they can be rolled directly on the coat.

Some examples?

Pelù Pet Dog, specifically for dogs, contains, among the others, Neem Oil (known for its anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties, it is one of the most effective organic remedies in repelling and managing numerous parasites and bugs including fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, which causes leishmaniosis in dogs), and Argan Oil, which leaves the fur soft and polished.

Pelù Pet Dog

For the summer season, Mugue proposes Pelù ZanzaaStop to get rid of mosquitoes in a natural way.

Pelù ZanzaaStop contains, in fact, a mix of vegetable oils including the essential oil of Citronella and Geranium, widely known and used as a remedy against annoying mosquitoes.

Pelù Zanzaastop

Each Pelù lint roller contains different essential oils that make it unique (for example, there is the anti-bacterial Pelù roll, the anti-mite one etc.).

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