Spring is coming (and the shedding challenge too!). How to solve the allergy problem…

Pets are real joy: to come back at home after a long working day and see them run to you (or purring against your legs) transform the worst day into the best day.
However, one of the biggest nuisances faced by pet owners, is the unwanted hair in their homes, which can cause allergy (especially cat hair).

Almost 1 in 10 children suffer from pet’s hair allergy (source: Salute 24, ilsole24ore.com) and the rates of allergy are increasing throughout the world, affecting up the 15% of people (source: American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology).

When the weather is good the situation became worse. During the spring pets shed hair.

A cat allergy is no laughing matter.
However we must dispel the myth that allergy is caused by cat’s hair…actually cat allergy is an allergic reaction to one or more allergens produced by cat, which are expressed in saliva (glycoprotein Fel D 1 and Fel D 4) and deposited onto its coat as cat grooms itself.

How to beat allergies

Cat’s hair, and also allergens, floats around the house and on furniture and survive for a long times, so it is important keeping a clean house.
Curtains, sofa cover, carpets etc. should be cleaned regularly.

Furthermore, brushing cat regularly allows to remove dirt and dead hair from its coat, reducing the amount of hair loose around house (and allergens, too).

Beside brush and carding brush, the use of Pelù Pet Cat directly on cat’s fur helps greatly in this sense.
It removes just the already loose hair (the dead hair) eliminating also the allergens they contain.
It also keeps cat’s fur cleaned, pleasantly perfumed and shiny.

Cats love Pelù Pet Cat! It is a real pamper for them!

Pelu Pet Cat_EN

Another tip that helps ball up hair loose on sofa, pet bad, carrier, car seats…?

Spongina Pet! An absolutely new sponge-gummy that catch up pets hair from furniture.
It can be used dry and is washable and reusable for many times
16Spongina PET_en