Product code: 28011
Perfumed lint roller: for pets…and not only!
Ideal during the summertime
Suitable for

Direct application on pet’s coat, sofas, couches, beds, garments, seats, prams, push chairs and more.

Two functions

Specially designed for our four-legged friends…and for us.

  1. Used on pet’s coat, it takes off already removed hairs, cleans pet’s coat while leaving it shiny and scent.
  2. Releases on pet’s coat a mixture of pure vegetable extracts known for their protective action during summer.

Useful also for garments and textiles.


Practical shock-proof and non-stick hard shell, with fragrance-saving cap.


Appealing bone shape. Ergonomic Italian Design. The grip is made out of three separate parts to ensure that the lint roller rolls as smoothly as possible and a simple replacement of the roll.
Hanging hook.

Technical features

This roller is produced with Italian adhesive silicone paper of the best quality.

The adhesive is medical, with the addition of pure essential oils such as Geranium and Lemongrass. It is perfect to be used under colder and warmer climate conditions. The dirty adhesive sheet is easily peeled off.
Length: 10 meters, more than 60 perforated adhesive sheets.

How it works


This article was created from scientific research and is guaranteed by a major Italian University.
Designed, patented and manufactured in Italy by Mugue.

European Patent # 2249637 ; US Patent # 8,608,860.

Units per pack
  • display 16 pcs, gross weight kg 2,8
  • box 24 pcs, gross weight kg 3,9
  • box 12 pcs, gross weight kg 2,1