Lint rollers: the various possibilities of use

Lint rollers, also called adhesive brushes, are tools used to remove lint, hair, dust and debris from the surface of fabrics, furniture, carpets and other similar materials. However, they can also be used on the hair of our pets.

How Lint rollers work

The active part of the adhesive brush is covered by a series of layers of adhesive tape, which is pressure-sensitive and designed to catch lint and debris (but not so sticky as to damage the fabric).

To use the adhesive brush correctly, you must pass it gently over the fabric’s surface or material to be cleaned: the adhesive tape will thus catch and hold lint, hair and other particles on the surface.

When you have caught a satisfactory amount of lint and debris, you can remove the used adhesive tape and dispose of it appropriately (many lint rollers have a rotation mechanism or a tear-off system that allows you to remove the used adhesive tape to reveal a new layer of tape).

Lint rollers are effective, therefore, for keeping fabrics clean of lint and animal hair and are particularly useful on clothes, sofas, carpets and other textile items. Not only that: they are also an economical solution, as they do not involve the use of electricity.

Lint rollers for cleaning clothes

Using Lint rollers to clean clothes is very simple: just make sure the roller is clean and slide it up and down the clothes until all lint and pet hair are completely gone.

Pelù STRONG is an adhesive brush made from premium Italian silicone paper. Its adhesive is optimal for use in cold and hot weather conditions and can effectively remove hair, dust, lint and hair from even the most delicate chamois fabrics.

On the other hand, Pelù CRESP, made from crepe paper, perfectly removes hair, dust, dandruff and hair from all fabrics, including the most delicate ones, but cannot be rolled on animal coats.

Instead, Pelù SMART ROLL is a super-adhesive roll, indispensable for removing pet hair, dust and dust from sofas, beds, carpets, clothes and car seats. Its strong point? The two classic and brush-like handles are ideal for flat surfaces.

Cleaning pets with Mugue’s special Lint rollers

Mugue’s special lint rollers are an excellent choice for cleaning pets, especially for removing hair that has already been detached directly from their coat, thus greatly reducing hair around the house and other places the pet frequents.

Pelù PET DOG is a brush with a high-quality adhesive specially created for dog hair, enriched with pure plant extracts, Neem oil and Argan oil. It can be used directly on the dog’s coat (its plant extracts protect and nourish it) but also in the dog’s places.

Pelù PET CAT, on the other hand, is designed for cat hair: it removes excess hair, preventing the formation of hairballs and releasing vegetable extracts that help those suffering from allergies, while

Pelù PET removes excess hair from the coat of dogs and cats and releases plant extracts that polish and perfume the coat.

How do you remove already detached hair directly from your four-legged friend?

Make sure you have one of Mugue’s special lint rollers and your pet is calm and quiet. Start by gently brushing his coat, making long, gentle movements in the direction in which the hair grows.

Use light pressure to avoid hurting or irritating your pet’s skin (if it has particularly hairy areas or areas where hair tends to accumulate, such as the back or tail, spend more time). Stay well away from the animal’s eyes.

As you brush, the hairs will be caught by the sticker on the brush. At the end of the cleaning session, reward him with a cuddle, a bite or a game: in this way, he will associate cleaning with a positive experience.

Using lint rollers to clean fabrics and surfaces

Although the lint roller is designed to remove lint and hair from clothes and animals, you can also use it for fabric furniture, textiles, and other items.

Some examples? Children are great at dropping all sorts of things into the crevices of their seats. Instead of sticking your hand in to get crumbs & co. use a lint roller: it’s amazing to see how many things it can pick up! Similarly, you can use them on car mats, where hair and dirt can accumulate.

Also, lint rollers are perfect for removing dust from lampshades and even dirt from computer keyboards. They can be used to pick up tiny pieces of glass when you break a glass on the floor, to clean the inside of drawers and the edges of floors.

Lint rollers are, therefore, an essential ally inside the home: that is why having one or more of them is important!

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