Product code: 28050 • flowpack REFILL product code 28051
Pelù Smart roll: not a simple lint roller
The absolutely new patented item

Pelù Smart roll: not a simple lint roller!
The design object that turns into 3 different items!

Pelù Smart roll helps you every day!

3 different handles and different types of assemblies for taking care of your clothes and space in the most effective way.

  1. Ergonomic handle design, great for arthritic hands;
  2. Classic handle;
  3. T-Handle, great for flat surfaces (beds, sofas and more);

Futhermore, Pelù Smart roll fits most other broom handles also, to reach dirt in the hardest-to-reach places.

Even more!

Pamper your four-legged friend! Massage little rubber fingers, great for picking up pet hair from pets coat (washable in water) and pet grooming comb.

Super sticky adhesive roll

Great for removing pet’s hair, lint, dust… from sofas, beds, carpets, furniture, clothing, cars and more.

What about the adhesive roll once it is exhausted? Easy refill replacement!

Technical features

This roller is produced with Italian adhesive silicone paper of the best quality. Length: 10 meters, more than 60 perforated adhesive sheets.


Designed, patented and manufactured in Italy by Mugue.

Units per pack
  • Pelù Smart Roll box 16 pcs, gross weight kg 2,8
  • Flowpack Refill box 20 pcs (40 rolls), gross weight circa kg 4,5