Get ready for the holidays!

Get ready for the holidays!

Our favorite season of the year is summer! Holidays are coming and the dog, as a member of the family, is ready to leave with us, but sometimes travels can cause your pet to get stressed out and experience anxiety!

In fact, 4-legged friends are habit animals: new home and new situations are not always welcome.

Road trip, train journey or a plane ride can be a very traumatic event for Fido, due to the unpredictability of external events, the lack of control over the surrounding environment, a limited possibility of socialization and a high levels of noise.
Whenever the pet deals with situations that it cannot control, it produces an alteration of its endogenous balance, which inevitably results in a state of stress, which can cause a fearful response.

How to help our friend? Here is a little guide for dog owners:

  • On the day of travel, only feed a light meal (do not limit water);
  • Exercise your dog before loading it into the car;
  • Partially open the window during the journey to circulate fresh air;
  • Make regular stops to let the dog drink and let him stretch his legs;
  • Take a few short test drives before the trip;
  • If the dog associates the noise of cars with pleasurable activities, such as a nice walk once at the destination, the level of anxiety and fear is lowered.

Furthermore, we suggest, to reward your dog with DOG JELLY HAPPINESS (before departure or during the trip, 1 piece each 5 kg of body weight per day).

DOG JELLY HAPPINESS is formulated with Magnesium and extracts of Hypericum, Valerian, Ginkgo biloba and Passionflower to support the normal mood of the pet.

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Dog Jelly Happiness

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Enjoy your summer time!