Dog Pill: to give Fido its pill is never been so simple!

Hands up who wants a magic wand in order to give Fido its pill?!

Whether it’s a medicine, a supplement or a tablet for the prevention of heartworm, the “time for the tablet” is a real challange between dog and owner: we’ve tried everything with Andy (Mugue’s mascot)!

To wrap the tablet with the ham didn’t yield much result, since Andy – goose dog – eats the ham but spits tab out!
Hidden the tab inside the bowl with the food didn’t yield much result too: the food is eaten but the pill remain in the bowl!

…and so we’ve been thinking: how to make easier for the owner to give the pill to his beloved Fido? How to make Fido pleasant to take a pill that often has a very bad odor and tasteDog Pill is the answer! “Hide” your pet’s pill!

Dog Pill is the first high-appetizing complementary food snack tablet for dogs composed by readily shaped squares (adaptable to all pills formats) and ready to use.

Dog Pill can be used to give, in a simple way, pills or capsules to the pet.

Its high palatability is able to cover even the most unpleasant tastes and odors of some pills.

Dog Pill can also be a pleasant and appreciated snack: it is composed of Antarctic Krill Flour, naturally contains Astaxanthin, Omega3 from fish oil which contains EPA, DHA and Vitamin E.