DOG kit

Product code: 28081
Our most popular products, everything that can be useful in everyday life with your DOG

Inside the organic cotton backpack you will find our best seller products, the most suitable for your and your dog’s needs:

1 StoPP: 3 in 1 spray, it helps discourage marking, removes odor and removes stain;

1 Spongina Pet Wash: innovative sponge that reduces the amount of soap to be used during the bath, polishes the hair and has a massaging action for the dog;

1 Dog Jelly Dental Care: pack of 6, snacks for oral hygiene with an innovative formulation enriched with pea flakes. It removes food residues and with the peppermint essential oil it keeps the breath fresh;

1 Dog Jelly Forever Young: pack of 6, snack that promotes the normal joint function of the dog – an elixir of youth;

5 Dog Jelly Happiness: “jelly” consistency with naturally relaxing properties. Perfect for stressful situations, or as a reward in moments of exuberance;

1 DogPill: paste that makes the pills to be administered appetizing without altering their properties;

1 Pelù Pet Dog: patented lint roller to be passed directly on the dog’s coat, to remove the already detached hair and releasing a mix of beneficial and natural plant extracts. With Neem and Argan oil.
It is also perfect for removing “hairy” traces on the owner’s clothing and fabrics.


It is a Mugue product. Made in Italy.
It contain patented products.

Unità di confezione
  • 1 cotton backpack consisting of 1 pc Pelù Pet Dog; 5 pcs Dog Jelly Happiness; 1 pc Dog Jelly Forever Young; 1 pc Dog Jelly Dental Care; 1 pc Dog Pill; 1 pc Spongina Pet Wash; 1 pc StoPP