How to perfume laundry naturally

No one likes smelly laundry; on the contrary, one often wishes to have laundry that smells good and lasts for days. However, you don’t necessarily have to intervene with chemicals to make your clothes soft and fragrant. In this article, we look together at how to perfume your laundry naturally.

Why laundry can smell bad

There are several reasons why linen may smell bad despite being washed carefully and thoroughly. The main ones are:

  • Inadequate washing: if the laundry is not washed at a sufficiently high temperature or with a sufficient amount of detergent, odour-causing bacteria and germs may remain;
  • Moisture: if linen is left in the dryer or hung out to dry in a humid environment, mould may develop, which produces an unpleasant odour. The same applies if withdrawn and put away still damp and not perfectly dry;
  • wear: if underwear is worn for a long time without being washed, bacteria and germs may accumulate, which are at the root of bad odours;
  • contact with strong-smelling substances: clothes absorb odours with which they come into contact, from the smell of food to smoke;
  • Dirty washing machine: if the washing machine is not kept constantly clean and sanitised, unpleasant odours can be created, which then remain on the washed clothes.

How best to wash laundry

In order to wash laundry in the best possible way so that it does not emit unpleasant odours, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Separate fabrics: Before you start washing, separate fabrics by colour and fabric type. Separate coloured linen from white linen, delicate fabrics such as silk and wool from strong fabrics such as cotton, and set the correct wash type;
    However, a big help in this respect comes from our Color Bag, the zip-lock bag that allows you to wash both coloured and white clothes in a single wash cycle, saving energy, detergent and laundry. It also preserves your washing machine because it traps animal hair and anything else that might clog the filter (coins, hair clips, etc.) inside.
  2. check the labels: before washing an item of laundry, read its label carefully to check the washing instructions and fabric and colour indications;
  3. set the proper water temperature to suit the type of fabric you are washing. Remember that delicate fabrics require cold or lukewarm water (30°C maximum), while resistant fabrics can be washed with hot water (60°C or 90°C if they are very dirty);
  4. choose the detergent according to the clothes you have to wash and the amount of dirt: do not use too little because the clothes will not smell, but neither too much to avoid damaging the fabrics and the washing machine;
  5. do not overload the washing machine; otherwise, the laundry may not wash properly;
  6. Avoid the tumble dryer: let the clothes air dry. Otherwise, use the tumble dryer at a low temperature and remove the laundry immediately once it is dry.

By following these tips, the linen should wash well and maintain its quality over time.

Ways to perfume laundry naturally

There are numerous home remedies as well as ad hoc products for natural perfuming of laundry.

If your clothes seem to smell a bit musty, which can happen, especially with towels, add a little vinegar to your laundry. The acidity of white vinegar dissolves detergent residues, which can retain odours, make clothes dirty and even stiffen them. To use it properly, pour it into the fabric softener tray.

An excellent way to give laundry a good scent is to use essential oils. Lavender oil, for example, has antibacterial and anti-mould properties. You can add it to vinegar or normal laundry detergent. Those who do not like the scent of lavender can try tea tree oil, which is also antibacterial.

Baking soda is also a natural deodorant and is probably already in your pantry: add 1/2 cup to your washing machine rinse cycle. It will balance the pH of the wash, lighten stains and reduce any lingering odours.

If, on the other hand, the laundry does not have to be washed, but you want it to smell nice, a valuable aid comes in the form of scented lint brushes. Pelù Magic Fragrance is pine-scented, Pelù Anti Odor Fragrance has a delicate floral scent, Pelù Talco Fragrance smells of talcum powder. All three clean and remove hair, dust, dandruff and hair perfectly, leaving a pleasant scent and reducing unpleasant odours (Pelù Anti Odor Fragrance also reduces the smell of smoke).

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