The Company and its mission

Mugue was founded in 1966 for the manufacture and marketing of chemical products for household-care.
Over the years the Company has specialized in the production of lint roller, developing advanced and innovative technologies, while becoming a leader in this competitive market segment.
Thanks to the approach to Science and the “passion for innovation” reflected in the work of Dr. Mariangela Villanova, of Corinna and Giulio Musuruana, Mugue has established itself as a Company which continues to seek the creation of innovative and extremely high quality products.

The challenge

On the strength of its know-how, Mugue’s goal today is to meet the challenge of producing a complete range of revolutionary, technical, performance and innovative lint rollers: from fragrant to hygienising to antimite ones, all of which are customizable.

The research

Mugue’s new products represent the synthesis of rigorous scientific research aimed at caring for your clothing, personal wellbeing, wardrobe hygiene, fabrics, home, car and pets.
Mugue’s products are non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. The products are all patented and all of Mugue’s scientific research is guaranteed by major Italian universities and highly qualified scientific analysis laboratories.

Only high profile quality products

The high standard of our products is also reached through the use of a medical coating of essential oils.
These essences give our rollers added value: not only do they remove lint, they also dispense therapeutic essential oils at the same time.
This is what lies behind our range of high quality products, one that is able to satisfy ever-increasing market demands.
Every detail is carefully designed, even the ergonomic grip is made out of an ultra-resistant material and it is designed to fit with any store display rack.

Trust the leader

Mugue’s manufacturing process is entirely robotised. In addition to making lint rollers for direct sale, Mugue is able to meet the needs of Companies wishing to carry our products, but with their own brand. This is possible thanks to Mugue’s customizable sleeve-packaging line, offering the maximum level of assistance and support to all our customers: from large retailers and department stores to dry cleaners and laundry businesses.