Spongina Pet

Product code: 28052
Fur catcher sponge gummy
Technical features

Spongina Pet is the one and only pet hair catcher sponge gummy.
It also picks up pet hair embedded deeply in sofas, couches, beds, carpets, car seats and more: it will reduce the amount of fur around the house and on fabrics: used on furniture it helps ball up hair.
It can also be used on pet‘s coat: it will catch the already removed hair and you’ll soon see a reduction in the number of fur bombs you find around the house.

Do not add water.

Washable and reusable for many times.

How to use


Spongina Pet is part of Mugue’s SPONGINA line, the innovative, one-of-a-kind range of sponge.

The SPONGINA line is mainly designed in order to meet pet’s grooming needs …helping owners
to simplify their lives, studying and combining different materials and ensuring functionality, effectiveness and durability to the products.

Made from hypoallergenic materials
Developed for the pets world
Washable and reusable many times!

Made of

Natural rubber + Polyurethane foam.


It is a Mugue product. Made in Italy.

Units per pack
  • box 12 pcs, gross weight kg 0,8