Product code: 28020 size cm 50x50 • 28022 size cm 70x70 • 28023 size cm 95x70
The one and only bag for the machine-wash of pet beds,
blankets, clothing and accessories
Technical features
  • Protects clothes and the washing machine: it’s made of a special material that allows the entrance of water and detergent, but prevents contact between the clothes in the washing machine and works by retaining all pet hair and everything that may clog the filter of the washing machine.
  • Helps to protect garments from the centrifugal shock and from felting, saving them for a long time.
  • It is guaranteed for about 20 washes up to 140°F.
How it works

Made of

100% Polypropylene with microfiber inserts.


It is a Mugue product.
Patented product.

Units per pack
  • box 12 pcs, gross weight kg 1,2