Product code: 28010
Perfumed anti moth lint roller
Suitable for

All woolen fabrics, fur coats, sweaters etc.

Four functions
  1. Removes 100% of clothes moth larvae (if they are present) and their feeding galleries*.
  2. Releases vegetable extracts onto the treated fabrics which protect them.
  3. Scents and protects the clothes and the environment in which it is located.
  4. Cleans and removes lint, dust, hair, etc. from any surfaces.

Practical shock-proof and non-stick hard shell, with fragrance-saving cap.


Ergonomic Italian design. Manufactured in three separate parts to ensure that the brush rolls as smoothly as possible.
The hook was designed to fit with all standard European display racks.
The grip acts as a convenient hook for use in all wardrobes.

Technical features

This roller is produced with Italian adhesive silicone paper of the best quality.

The adhesive is medical, with the addition of pure essential oils such as Camphor, Cedarwood and Lavender.
It is perfect to be used under colder and warmer climate conditions.
The dirty adhesive sheet is easily peeled off.
Length: 10 meters, more than 60 perforated adhesive sheets.

How it works


This article was created from scientific research and is guaranteed by a major Italian University. Designed, patented and manufactured in Italy by Mugue.

European Patent # 2249637 ; US Patent # 8,608,860.

(*Tested by University of Milan under test conditions)

Units per pack
  • display 16 pcs, gross weight kg 2,8
  • box 24 pcs, gross weight kg 3,9
  • box 12 pcs, gross weight kg 2,1