Pelù PIU’

Product code: 28004
Maximum efficiency lint roller with Velcro pad
Suitable for

All types of fabrics, even the most delicate ones, including suede.

Two functions
  1. Perfectly cleans and removes hairs, dust, dandruff, hair, etc.
  2. Thanks to the Velcro on the lower part of the roller, it removes felting from all kinds of modern fabrics and even from fine wools.

Ergonomic Italian Design. The grip is made out of three separate parts to ensure that the brush rolls as smoothly as possible.
Hook designed for all European display racks.

Pelù Più has got a Velcro pad which, rubbed on the felted fabrics, can removes knots.

Technical features

This roller is produced with Italian adhesive paper of the best quality.

It is perfect to be used under colder and warmer climate conditions. The dirty adhesive sheet is easily peeled off. Length: 10 meters, 60 perforated adhesive sheets.


Designed and manufactured in Italy by Mugue.

Units per pack
  • box 24 pcs, gross weight kg 3,5
  • box 12 pcs, gross weight kg 2,1