Armonie COTTON

Product code: 28041 size 500 ml • 28041/1 size 100 ml
Unique combination of oils with a fresh scent that give a pleasant feeling of cleanliness
Pure pleasure odor!

ARMONIE is the new line of concentrated fragrances of essential oils distilled from fruits, plants and flower, and scented active ingredients in water and ethanol, ideal for the use in laundry, on fabrics, wardrobes, dressing room etc.

The active ingredient in the formulation, completely eco-friendly, ensures, when sprayed, the elimination of bad odors.
Used on fabrics, the product does not leave stains.

Available sizes
  • 500 ml (for 7.500 nebulisations) with sprayer.
  • 100 ml (for 1.500 nebulisations) with sprayer.
Technical features and precautions

This product is not a starch. Use it only on dry fabrics. Do not use before ironing or on warm clothing.

Labelling according to EU guidelines: the product has been classified and marked in accordance with EU Directives / Ordinance on Hazardous Materials.
It can cause allergic reactions.

Units per pack
  • Size 500 ml: box 6 pcs, gross weight kg 4
  • Size 100 ml: display 30 pcs, gross weight kg 4