Dog Jelly Dental Care

The smart treat for the
oral hygiene of your dog

Dog Jelly Forever Young

The smart treat for your dog,
with Glucosamine sulphate


They solve, in just a few seconds,
some problems related to pets urine


To give a cat its pills
is never been so simple!


To give Fido its pills
is never been so simple!

Spongina Pet Wash

The first sponge gummy
to better clean up your dog

Spongina Pet

The one and only
fur catcher sponge gummy
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Passion for innovation

Thanks to the approach to Science and the “passion for innovation”, which is also our payoff, Mugue has established itself as a Company which continues to seek the creation of innovative and extremely high quality products.

All proudly Made in Italy.


Mugue is partner in the project “I thought I saw a cat …”, aimed at visually impaired children at the Niguarda Hospital in Milan and promoted by Frida’s Friends Onlus.
The project involves cats (Rag Doll breed, one of the sweetest, affectionate and docile cats that exists), and is aimed at visually impaired children who are included in a rehabilitation program of the pediatric low vision center.

The program started in November 2019 and will continue throughout 2020.​
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